Shay & Laurie Fries
Edgerton, Alberta
T0B 1K0

Being involved in Animal Agriculture sometimes requires an operation to become diversified.  We have a 110 head commercial cow / calf operation and needed to expand our operation into a different direction once B.S.E. hit Canada.  Goats were an interest because of the product demand within the country.  Breeder's & Producer's of goat meat, milk, fiber and other related products are in high demand because the consumption of these products surpass the amount that is produced within our own borders. 

We are also in the business of growing grass, as that is what puts the pounds on our calves.  Goats we found compliment the pastures as they eat the weeds, brush and browse and grass grows back for the cows to graze.

We run 100 Boer and Boer X Does, and produce Purebred, percentage bred and commercial breeding stock.
We have dedicating our breeding program to produce big boned, meaty animals, emphasizing on good feet , length and depth for body volume and a low maintenance type animal.  Something that is going to make money and not require a lot of input.

We are members of the Canadian Meat Goat Association (CMGA) and Alberta Goat  Association (AGA).

Laurie is currently the chair for the AGA.

Ally Lamma
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Predator Control:  Our 4 Legged Farm Workers

We run a Llamma with the goat herd year round,  Australian Shepard and MarramaXAkbash Predation Dog.
Flea (R.I.P)
Puppers and Roper
from left to right:       Shay, Shelin, Gauge, Hunter & Laurie Fries