SLF Ranch Herd Does
90% of our Foundation Doe stock arrived on our place as Doelings.                This took alot of hard work and dedication!!!
These does must milk and mother to stay around our place....
We do not base our buying or selection decisions on "show ring standards and looks"...we want does that are going to produce us big, healthy, strong kids without a lot of people intervention....

All of our does and doelings are dewormed twice a year and vaccinated annually.  Herd health records are kept on every animal due to biosecurity protocols required for human food safety.....
SLF Emily 9 P  
-Winner of Supreme Champion Commercial Doe, 2006 National Goat Show , Agribition, Regina, Saskatchewan
-Champion Commercial 2 year old Doe @ Farmfair International, Edmonton, Alberta 2006
Some of   SLF HERD DOES at home in the corral...
SLF RANCH proud to have purchased the
Agribition 2007 , Regina Saskatchewan
Ram H Rendezous 407R
bred by: KaeRonne (Kerry O'Donnell)
Grand Champion Purebred Doe:
Farmfair International 2008
Old's Fair and Rodeo 2008
3 years later..still holding stong!!
2009 Farmfair International
Reserve Grand Champion Percentage Doe - Farmfair International 2009
Our Doe herd is not made up of big framed animals that take alot of feed to maintain.  We breed for a medium sized frame, productive animal that are easy keepers.