Herd Sires
This page was last updated: June 26, 2016

Working Clothes on at Home in Buck Corral

Show Clothes On
Du Biquet HighTech
EGGS Not So Little C545
EGGS Infusion C572
SLF Ashkicking Sugarstar
Du Biquet French Vanilla Twist
High Tech was added to our breeding program in fall of 2014.  We purchased animals out of the Venture 2 Herd Dispersal and this was one of the bucks that we added into our package. 

High Tech was the high selling Lot in the CMGA Share Your Herd Sale in 2013.

This buck comes out of the Du Biquet breeding program out East in Quebec.

This buck LOVES the showring but he also knows how to get the job done at home during breeding season.
This young fella is our most recent addition.  I went to the Royal Winter Fair in Toronto and Nancy & Evilyn had purchased a new herd sire by the name of Messanger.  I appreciated the qualities of that buck so I got on the list to purchase a buckling of this genetic line.  Well, here he is.  He arrived at SLF Ranch in May 2016 and I can't wait to use him this breeding season. 

This Buckling is balanced and has the thickest back that we have ever seen in a buck kid this age.

Thank you to Du Biquet for breeding us and allowing us to purchase this amazing buckling!!! 
These two bucks are U.S.A. Imported.  These 2 bucks came out of John & Jackie Edwards EGGS Dispersal sale in Louisinna.

Their offspring started hitting the ground in 2014 and we are very pleased what they have added to our breeding program. 
This is a buck that we retained out of our own herd.  He comes from two of the best genetic lines that we have bred throughout the years.  His dam who is a 2007 born doe is still producing in our herd, just had a set of doeling kids 2016.  SLF Hunter's Tameeka is his dam and Sugarfield Starbuck is his sire. 
This bucks mother is one of those does that you would love to have 200 of. She has produced mainly triplets from year to year.
Great old genetics in this guy.