We bought Cola from Ray and Anne Marie Hauck in the fall of 2004 ...site unseen.  We needed a buck for breeding season and we wanted a Kalahari line of offspring.  Cola added color and thickness to our kid crops. He is very well definined in his front quarters and he threw this trait into his offspring. 
Ram H Red Cola 511 M
This page is dedicated to sires used at SLF Ranch that have contributed to the genetics we are currently producing.
We have numerous son's and daughters's of these great bucks that make up the foundation of our herd. They continue to pass on the great genetic qualities that intrigued us about these bucks.
Ram H Escalade 577 P
We bought Escalade from Ray and Anne Marie Hauck at the Ram H breeders Ltd. Legacy Sale in July, 2005.   We used him in our fall 2005 breeding program and his kids impressed us. Escalade added frame and length into our herd.
SLF Redberries & SLF Tank were examples of what this buck did for us. 
SLF Redberries 25 P
Redberries was a buck kid that we took to the CMGA Buck Test Station at Vermilion College.
He was a great example of the Central Alberta genetics crossed over onto the Ram H gentic lines.

Russler Pedro
We bought Pedro from Sheila Thackery at Agribition in Regina in November 2004.  He was just a little guy when we brought him home and he developed into a wonderful thick, big boned buck.  We used Pedro for 5 breeding seasons and he produced wonderful fast growing thick kids.  He was our first Purebred buck that we added to our herd, and he  payed for himself numerous times over!

Central Alberta Royale 145 R
We bought Royale from Ron and Joan Prediger off the farm.
This buck definately brought thickness into our breeding program.
Ram H Belmont 667 P
Reserve Junior Champion Boer Buck @ 2005 Red Deer Westerner Show

Reserve Senior Champion Boer Buck @ 2006 National Goat Show, Agribition, Regina, Sask.

Reserve Senior Champion Boer Buck @ 2007 Old's Fair & Rodeo

2007 SUPREME CHAMPION BUCK @ Farmfair International
We bought Belmont from Ray and Anne Marie Hauck at the Ram H breeders Ltd. Legacy Sale in July, 2005.
He is a Great Grandson of Montana Captured. 
We started using Belmont in our breeding program in 2005 and have retained many of his doelings. 
His son SLF Widowmaker was our main herd sire going into 2011 -2012.
We have to commend this buck for leaving his legacy here in our breeding program. 
Best buck that we incorporated into our genetics.  Belmont will be missed but his progeny lives on in our breeding program.
SLF Tosscala 12T
We raised Tosscala here at SLF and really liked the traditional coloring and breed characteristics that this buck showed at a very young age. Tosscala put the dark red heads onto his offspring along with thickness throughout.  He was not a BIG buck, but sure made us proud of the kids he put on the ground every year.
Kae Ronne Uberto 508U
Uberto standing in back of pic.
Uberto joined our herd in 2008 and was the Grand Champion buck at Agribition that year.  He was used at SLF for 4 years. Now he has moved on to Sunnydale Colony in Saskatchewan.
SLF Widowmaker 18W
When we bred Ram H Belmont with Nikado Farah, 2 of our Grand Champion Animals in the showring we got SLF Widowmaker 18W.  Not only were those 2 animals show stoppers, but they performed just as good at home in the corrals.
As a yearling, Widowmaker went out to work and bred 40 does which kidded out over 5 days.  His progeny were all uniform in size, were all the same traditional color and most of all they were vigerous and hardy all the way through their growing period. 
His offspring are still being born on our place 2016.
This big guy is a son of Ram H Escalade. We raised Tank and sold him as a long yearling to a young couple down the road that where just starting into the goat business.   Breeding bucks like this one makes us proud of all the years we have worked on getting our program where we want it.  This buck shows the great breed characteristics of the traditional boer goat traits and we were happy to buy him back and put him back into our breeding program.  Again another example of what these goats can do on good pasture and browse and do not  need to be grain fed to produce these excellent traits.
SLF Tank 19T
Sugarfield Starbuck
We added Starbuck to our herd in 2008 and didn't looked back with this great buck.  He has sired many offspring that have been retained in our female inventory. We have one of Starbucks sons in our herd sire line up every year.  Six years of working hard here at SLF and Starbuck was always the first buck to look over the fence at breeding time!
Ultra Mag is a son of Sugarfield Starbuck that we kept back in our herd.  He was a THICK buck throughout and impressed us as he  matured. His kids had tremendous meat qualities about them and he complimented our herd does quite nicely.  This is exactly what we have been breeding for and it is nice to see what can be accomplished with the right genetic crosses.
SLF Ultra Mag 35U
Ulysses came to our herd in 2008 from the Agribition Sale in Regina.
We used him in our herd for 4 years.
Kae Ronne Ulysses 513U
SLF Young Hung and Full of Fun 54 Y
SLF You bet it I'm A Full House 30 Y
2 sons that we retainedfrom the great Widowmaker buck, examples of progeny from that great genetic line
Kindred Ramulus
We only had Ramulus for one breeding season in 2014, as we bought him from a herd dispersal and he was quite old when he arrived here.  We are passionate about preserving old genetic lines from breeders from the past. So we at least had the opportunity to get one season out of him.